Fortnight In Review.

Welcome to my first Fortnight In Review. Today I will be sharing with you all of the books I bought and/or received in the past fortnight, as well as the reviews I’ve shared. (This post will replace my Book Delights post.)

Here are the review copies I received thanks to Bloomsbury, Hachette Australia and Simon and Schuster Australia:

(My camera skills aren’t the best, but if you click on the links it will take you to Goodreads and you can see the covers more clearly.)

Heir Of Fire.

Searching For Sky – didn’t expect this one but am so happy that I got it.

Lyrebird Hill.

The Falcon Throne.

I am so excited to read every single one of these! I can’t wait to share my thoughts on them with you.

I didn’t buy any books this fortnight – yay me! Though my book buying ban is over, I’m trying to limit myself to buying one book a month until November. I’m having a big birthday in November and will be getting lots of books so I am trying to read the ones I already have before then. (I still haven’t read the books from my last birthday.)


Books I reviewed in the past fortnight:

I have had an exceptional reading run lately, as you will see from my reviews. Everything I’ve read turned out to be 4 or 5 stars. Here’s hoping it continues. 

The Shadow Hunter’s Codex – 4 stars.

Alexander Altmann A10567 – 5 stars.

Shimmer – 5 stars.

Are You Seeing Me? – 5 stars.

The Wedding Season – 4 stars.

I’m Currently Reading:

The January Wishsearching for sky

The January Wish. 

Searching For Sky.

Blog News:
On Saturday I will post the first episode of a short story series that I am planning for this blog. I am very excited to share this story with you and hope you will come back and check it out.

If you have your own post similar to this, feel free to post the link in the comments and I’ll take a look 🙂

10 thoughts on “Fortnight In Review.

  1. Thanks for sharing about these books! They do look interesting. I don’t blog book reviews, but I do share my short stories and character interviews if you’re interested in checking them out.

  2. Searching for Sky looks amazing! I’ve seen some really great reviews about it! And I bet Heir of Fire will be amazing. I’ve only read Throne of Glass but I loved it! I have been really curious about the Shadow Hunter’s Codex. Did you like it enough to recommend?

    1. I have just started Searching For Sky but was pulled in straight away. I’ve only read Throne Of Glass, but loved it. Will be reading Crown of Midnight soon so I can read Heir Of Fire, so excited, I’m sure I will love them.
      If you love the Shadowhunter world it is a must read. Clary, Jace and Simon have scribbled there thoughts all over it and there are amazing pictures through out. I really enjoyed it and would say it’s definitely one for the fans.

      1. Oh my gosh that’s so cool. I’ll definitely check that out then. I have heard so many amazing things about Searching for Sky that I knew I had to get a copy myself. It’s great to know that you’re enjoying it too!

  3. I hope you like Searching for Sky! That one just stole my heart…and then, you know, tore it up and stomped on it. BUT I STILL LOVE IT. I’m excited for Heir of Fire but also really really nervous. I don’t want my ship to sink.
    My Sunday Post!

    1. I am so nervous about Searching For Sky because a lot of reviews say that it is sad. I’ve started it and am only a few chapters in but already love River and Sky and don’t want it turn ridiculously sad.
      Can’t wait to get into Heir of Fire and was so excited when I received it.

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