A Quick Life Update.

I would like to apologise to my readers for not posting my ‘Waiting On Wednesday’ or my ‘Writing Tip Wednesday’ posts yesterday. I haven’t had the best of weeks. I’ve had the flu since Sunday night. On Tuesday night, I spilt hot liquid on my thumb while cooking dinner giving myself a 2nd degree burn. It was on my left hand and I had no idea how much I used my left hand until I couldn’t use it any more – guys thumbs are like the most useful things ever, don’t take them for granted!
And that was okay, even with the flu and a burnt thumb I would have been able to do my post last night, but around 2pm yesterday I was hit with a major Migraine. Not only does my head pound violently, but I get extremely nauseous and the only thing I can do is take some ibuprofen and lay down in the dark with a hot water bottle. So I couldn’t do anything for the whole night.
The Migraine has downgraded to a normal headache today. Plus it’s been raining all week making everything feel even more miserable (though I shouldn’t complain about it because we need rain, it’s been a dry winter in my part of Australia and that is not good for our summer.)
Plus my car has been playing up. It’s going to the mechanic today and who knows how much it is going to cost?
Anyway, like I said, I just wanted to apologise for not posting. Sorry guys. Looking forward to this week being over. Have lots of writing I need to catch up on, and not to mention books I’ve got to read.

Hope your week so far has been better than mine 🙂

15 thoughts on “A Quick Life Update.

  1. Bad weeks happen, hope things pick up next week. I’ve had my 16 year old in hospital with an infected (almost ruptured) appendix – it was awful. He’s home today thank goodness. It’s horrible when your kids are sick!

  2. There’s no reason to be sorry, I hope you feel better! We’ll see you when we see you 🙂

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