A Writerly Update 46.

I had an abnormal week this week. My daughter was home on Monday with a headache, she also ended up having Thursday and Friday off because she had conjunctivitis. And my son was home Wednesday, Thursday and Friday because his year went on a school camp. He had to stay home because he suffers from separation anxiety. So I had the kids home a lot this week which meant I didn’t have much time to write – only about an hour a day.
I only worked on a short story this week. There was an anthology I wanted to submit to that was closing today, but after I finished the short story I realised it wasn’t as suitable for the anthology as I thought, so I’ll work on it a bit more and find another market for it.
I didn’t really feel like writing this week, but I made myself ‘show up’ every day, telling myself I had to write for one hour. I just didn’t feel like getting on the computer, so I pulled out some paper and a pen and worked on the short story every day by hand. About ten minutes into my writing session I’d get into it and all those feelings about not wanting to write melted away as I dove into the story – and when the hour was up, I didn’t want to stop. Unfortunately because the kids were home I had to. I’ve found that when I don’t feel like writing, pen and paper are the best cure. I think a lot of the time when I don’t feel like writing, it’s more of a case of I don’t feel like getting on the computer. The computer can be so draining sometimes – and so distracting!
But I see why a lot of writers suggest you write every day whether you feel like it or not.

How about you? How did you go writing wise this week?

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