Writing Tip Wednesday: The Great CP Match-up!

Last Wednesday I was talking to you about critique partners and beta readers, what to expect from them and where to find them. I mentioned that sometimes writers will hold critique partner match-ups. Well, a few days ago, YA author Susan Dennard announced she is reviving the CP match-up forum.

So if you are looking for a CP or beta reader you can jump on the forum, tell everyone about your project, the genre you write in and what you are looking for in a partner. All the newest entries are from pg 3 onward, which is where I’ve linked from to make it easier for you.

Good luck to all you CP and beta hunters.

*Bonus Tip*

Agent Joanna Volpe shared An Agent’s Top Ten Thoughts over at Publishing Crawl the other day and I thought you’d all might like to read it. It’s great to catch a glimpse into the mind of an agent. I always understood they were busy creatures, but seriously, they are like superheros. How they manage to do everything and still read slush and take on new clients I’ll never understand, (but am thankful they do) which is why I’m the writer and not the agent!

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