A Writerly Update 50.

Hey Everyone, and welcome to this week’s writerly update.

My regular readers would know that I challenged myself to write 10k while my kids were on their two week holidays. I had to write 5,907 words this week to complete that goal. I’m pleased to tell you I reached my goal! It is the best feeling 🙂

Here are my stats:

Monday Septermber 29th: 870 words of my MG.
Tuesday September 30th: O words.
Wednesday October 1st: 160 words of my MG.
Thursday October 2nd: 1780 words of my MG.
Friday October 3rd: 1,333 words of my MG. 975 words of Amberly Chronicles (which I should be posting Monday.)
Saturday October 4th: 1,307 of my MG.

Bringing my total to 6,425 words!

And it brings my MG novel to 10,000 words. It feels so good to have that many words done on it considering I think it will only be around 40,000 words.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to start the draft of my YA fantasy like I had hoped, but I am definitely starting it on Tuesday when the kids are back at school.

That’s it from me. How about you? How was your writing week?


13 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 50.

    1. Thanks. Besides putting it on the blog, a keep a writing work diary where I record what writing I’ve done everyday. It’s just something I’ve always done and I do find it helpful.

  1. Over 5000 words in one week? That’s outstanding, considering the kids would have been yelling mum, mum every five minutes while they were on holidays . LOL. I love that you’re writing middle grade, I’ve really been getting into a few MG books lately. Can’t wait to see the finished product ❤

    1. Thanks 🙂 My trick is to put a movie on and then write while the kids are distracted. I can usually get a good hour of writing done this way.
      And hopefully a publisher will love the MG and it will be on the shelves one day!

  2. Ahh congrats on your writing week! Sounds like you had a fantastic one and I hope you keep going on this streak! Best of luck! I look forward to hearing more about your progress!

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