A Writerly Update 51.

Hey Everyone,

This week I am pleased to tell you that I finally started work on the latest draft of my YA fantasy. I am so excited to be working on it. Since I’ve got it back from my beta reader, I have some new plot points that I can’t wait to write. I went through and wrote out the main plot points for each chapter and then worked out what chapters I am going to cut and where I am going to fit the new chapters. It’s currently at 108,000 and I’m hoping to get it down to 90-100,000, so hopefully I’ve achieved that with the cutting I’ve planned (and that I’m cutting more than I am adding.)
There is one character in particular that is getting a rewrite that I am really excited about. She will have a new history and a new role in the book, and her place in the story is more defined, her reason for being there greater. This is what I love about editing: watching your story get better and better.

Unfortunately, I only added 800 words to my MG. I had hoped to stick to adding 1k a day to it, but I got swept up in the YA fantasy. Plus I didn’t write for two days because my daughter was vomiting for one of them and I let the internet take up all my writing time on the other day, which led to this post. I don’t often let this happen, but occasionally if I get on the internet before I write, I loose track of time and run into my writing time. That’s why I’ll usually write first and then jump on the internet second.

My goals for next week will be to add 1k a day to my MG and to work on the new chapters of my YA fantasy, getting as much done as possible.

That’s it from me, how was your writing week?


8 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 51.

  1. Good luck with editing your YA fantasy! It’s great that you’ve got plot ideas and character changes ahead of you – it makes the editing process all that much more fun.

    800 words is okay – and the internet will always keep us away from writing, even if we don’t want to. It’s addictive that way!

    1. Thank you. The last edit of the YA fantasy I felt like I was slogging through it, but this one I am really enjoying so far.

      I know the internet is so addictive, which is why I usually write first, go on the internet second, but I slipped up and went on it first and then I was just mad at myself for doing it when I know what will happen.

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