A Writerly Update 52 + Fortnight In Review.

Hi everyone,

Both these posts are late so I thought I would post them together. I’ll start with my writerly update for the week. It was a pretty bad week last week. Last Tuesday night I sat down to read a book and got shooting pain in my neck. I was hoping it would go away but four hours later it had spread to my shoulder and I couldn’t move my neck in any direction as it was too painful. So to the hospital I went at 2 am. They gave me some pain medication which really helped and told me I had strained my neck. A week later and it’s still very painful. I think I only manged to write for three days last week. I can’t sit at the computer for as long as usual because it’s too painful. Plus on Thursday I had to take my daughter to an appointment during my usual writing time and I had to spend most of Friday at an event at my kids school. Having to go out instead of resting really took it out of me and I spent both those afternoons sleeping.

How was your writing week? I hope you are all well and doing a lot better than I am.

And now for my Fortnight In Review:

Today I will be sharing with you all of the books I bought and/or received in the past fortnight, as well as the reviews I’ve shared and everything else that has been happening on the blog.

I always like to start with sharing my book haul:


The Great PlainsRemember me

The Great Plains
Remember Me

Thanks to Random House Australia, Harper Collins Australia via NetGalley.

And the physical review copies:


Monsterous Affections.
Egg and Spoon.

Thanks to Walker Books Australia.


Reluctantly Charmed.
Evil Librarian.

Thanks to Simon and Schuster Australia and Walker Books Australia.



Apple and Rain.

Thanks to Chiara from Books For a Delicate Eternity.


Fool’s Assassin.

Thanks to Shaheen from Speculating On Specfic.



Lips Touch.
I’m still technically on a book buying ban, but I couldn’t resist this. It was only $2 at an online sale.

Here’s what’s been happening on the blog:

My writing tip this fortnight was all about Time Management.

This fortnight I was waiting on The Evil Librarian.

A note to my regular readers: I will be doing my Writing Tip Wednesday and Waiting On Wednesday posts fortnightly for the rest of the year.

I reviewed Belzhar (4.5 stars.), The Book of Days (4 stars.), and Heir of Fire (5 stars.).

I posted episode 5 of my ya sci-fi The Amberly Chronicles – Hotness On Legs.

Currently reading:

Falcon Thronerealm of possibility

That’s it from me. How has your fortnight been?


10 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 52 + Fortnight In Review.

  1. Gosh Rochelle, I’ve pulled a muscle in my neck before and it’s horrid. You can’t move or even relax without pain. You might need a stronger anti inflammatory. Hopefully the kids aren’t causing you grief. You make sure you take good care of yourself hun ❤

    1. Thanks Kelly. Not being able to sleep comfortably is the worst part about it, and not being able to relax even while reading. I’ve been taking it easy, only doing light chores – which has to be the only upside – and making sure not to pick the kids up. And I’m heading to the chemist soon for stronger pain relief.

  2. Oh gosh, I do hope you neck gets better, soon. I remember I when I was in year eight-ish I woke up with a painfully stiff neck — so bad, in fact, that I could barely move for a few days! You’ve got some awesome-looking books to keep you company, though! I’m particularity excited to see your thoughts on The Falcon Throne. I’ve seen that around quite a bit. 🙂

    1. Thanks, my neck is finally starting to feel a bit better tonight. I’m enjoying The Falcon Throne so far, it’s taking me awhile to read because it’s the size of a brick, but I hope to have a review up soon.

  3. Eurgh, neck pains and strains are awful! I’m not quite sure when it started, but I think a couple of years ago I slept on my neck twisted and for a few days couldn’t move it well at all, and now I get reoccuring shooting pains up the back of my neck, into my head. It’s pretty awful, so I comiserate.

    Monsterous Affections and Egg and Spoon have such lovely covers! I am totally going to look them up and see if the synopsis’ sound as good as they look! Hope they’re excellent reading. xx

    1. Sorry to hear about your neck, and thanks.

      And I am so excited to read those two. They have got beautiful covers and I got sent beautiful hardcover copies. I think they sound really good and have high hopes for them .

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your pain, but wow you still managed to write 3 days! Nicole Alexander is in my home town soon, but I’m not sure if the genre is my thing. More research to be done!

    1. Thanks. I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted in those 3 days but I was glad I was able to do some.

      The Great Plains is not the main genre I read but I like to step out of the fantasy and YA box every now and again. I don’t mind historical, I love romance and love books set in Australia so I thought I’d give it a go.

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