A Writerly Update 53.

Hi Everyone,

My neck was still very sore this week and I hadn’t been able to write as much as I liked. I only managed to write for three days this week, and on each of those days I edited my YA fantasy. It is going so much slower than I had planned; I am only up to chapter three. One of my goals for October was to finish this edit of the YA fantasy, and that is not going to happen. I am looking forward to the up coming week. My neck is feeling a lot better, not 100% but almost, and I have no appointments I have to go to that will get in the way of my writing time, so I am hoping to make significant progress next week.

My MG has been neglected over the past two weeks so I’ve decided I’m going to focus on it in November and finish the first draft. I won’t officially be doing NaNo, but the Romance Writers Of Australia have a 50k in 30 day challenge during November that I’ll be participating in. You can set any word goal you want (mine will be 30k) and join in writing sprints, and with the amazing support of the members it’s hard not to reach your goal.

That’s all from me. Hopefully I’ll have better news to report next week.

How was your writing week?


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