A Writerly Update 58.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had a hectic week this week, especially the last few days. My sister got married yesterday and I was a bridesmaid, which means I didn’t get to write but I did get to wear a pretty dress and get my hair and make-up done, which was a treat for me because I hardly wear make-up or get my hair done. (A usual trip to the hairdresser for me involves getting a trim and that’s about it.) Here’s a pic of my sister and her new husband, and one of me. (I cut it done because I was holding the hand of the flower girl and I don’t like to share pics of kids on the internet.)
Annie and AdamMe, braidsmaid

I did get to write earlier in the week.

I posted the next episode of my blog serial The Amberly Chronicles. I realised it’s been about 6 weeks or something since I posted the last episode so this was a long time coming. Sorry everyone.

I also pulled out a short story I had written last year, did a quick edit of it (It was one I had previously submitted elsewhere, but unfortunately got rejected, so it was pretty much good to go) and sent it away to Inaccurate Realities magazine. It is a YA spec fic mag. They were looking for YA spec fic stories with the theme ‘Love’ and I thought that story I had would be a good fit. They are closed to submission for that issue but are looking for submissions for issue 7 by June 15th. The theme is ‘Hate’. You can read their guidelines HERE.

So with the YA fantasy I’m editing, my goal was to get to chapter 10 this week (5 chapters) but I only managed to edit chapter 6. Like I said, I was very busy with the wedding. Ideally I would like to edit a chapter a day in this upcoming week. I’ll see how we go. Just 10 more sleeps until the kids go back to school!!!

That’s it from me. How did your week go, writing wise?


6 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 58.

  1. Omg, you look so beautiful! Congrats to your sister as well!! ^_^ I was a bridesmaid/flower-girl when I was 12 but that’s been the only time. I’m awful at getting all dressed up….gah, I’d must rather just wear my tee-shirts and pants and huddle up writing. xD But still! Weddings are special!

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