Mini Review: Will By Maria Boyd. #aww2015.

*This is the 6th book I have read for the Australian Women Writers Challenge.


Australian release date: 1st August 2006.
Australian publisher: Random House Australia.
Source: Bought.

Synopsis from Random House Australia:

If you like Melina Marchetta and Barry Jonsberg, you’ll love Maria Boyd’s novel about being in Year 11, being in trouble and being a good friend.

Will is in trouble and everyone’s worried. They reckon it’s because of what happened six months ago. He doesn’t know what they’re on about.

The latest incident lands him in Deputy Waddlehead’s office. His school career is over. That is, until his ‘concerned’ English teacher fixes it so he gets a punishment ten thousand times worse than expulsion – helping out with the school musical.

This is where the real trouble starts. What do you do with a year seven trombone-playing geek who appoints you as his new best friend, teachers who never get off your back, a really hot girl who thinks you’re an idiot, and a rugby-playing jock who doesn’t realise how dangerous it is to go to a boys’ school and act like you actually enjoy singing and dancing?

It’s a completely different world, and Will is determined not to get sucked in.

My Thoughts:

4 stars.

I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, but it also packed an emotional punch I wasn’t expecting. Maria Boyd has perfectly captured the male teen voice. Will was a living breathing person that jumped off the page. I devoured this book. I loved the short chapters and the unique way the dialogue was shown. All the dialogue was in bold, followed by an action so you knew who was speaking. There were no speech marks, and no he said, and I never even got confused. I really loved that it was done that way.

Will is normally a good student, but after something major that happened six months ago, he has been getting into a bit of trouble. The latest incident is mooning the all girls’ school bus. As punishment, he is to be part of the band – he can play guitar – for the school musical, which he thinks will be the death of him, or the death of his status in the very least. Being part of the school musical doesn’t turn out to be as bad as Will thought. It helps the girl playing the lead is really hot. Life would be great if he could just be brave to talk to her. He also makes two unexpected friends, and the musical helps him confront the thing that happened that he had been running from and refused to face.

Will is funny and heart breaking. It will pull you in from the start and keep you hooked until the end. Maria Boyd is a fantastic writer and I wished she would write something else so I can read it! I highly recommend this one.

You can add it to your Good reads HERE.

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