A Writerly Update 61.

Hi Everyone,

I have had a busier than usual week this week so all my writing plans went out the window.
I managed to post the next episode of my YA sci-fi serial The Amberly Chronicles, which you can read HERE if you’re interested. (I’ll be getting out the next episode around Tuesday so look out for it.)
I wrote out personal queries to my top three agents but didn’t send them like I had planned.

This was my week:

Monday I wrote Amberly Chronicles episode ten.

Tuesday I worked. I usually work Thursday/Friday, three hours each of those days, but had to change days and do it all in one day because of how busy I was this week.
(I actually worked on my query while on a lunch break.)

Wednesday I spent all day at my kids athletics carnival which was exhausting. It was a really hot day and lots of standing around in the sun.

Thursday I was at home (The Power was off where I work for the day which is why I had to do it on Tuesday). I had to make a small change to the beginning of my YA Fantasy (I’ll explain why in a minute)

Friday/Saturday I went to a writer’s festival that was in my area.

Today I’ve just been catching up on my reading because I feel exhausted. (How does anyone work full time and write? Honestly? Especially if you throw kids in the mix. You people are amazing.)

So, why did I change my beginning a little?

I had entered the first 250 words of my YA Fantasy into the Miss Stark’s First Victim March Secret Agent Contest. I didn’t get a request from the agent. She did say she was intrigued but I open with a dream, which she could see was a big part of my story, but advised against. (I know dream openings are usually a no-no, but this isn’t your ordinary dream opening, and you know it’s a dream opening from the first sentence so I’m not trying to trick the reader or anything like that.) This kind of shook my confidence a little. But one of my Top 3 agents, Suzie Townsend, answers questions on Tumblr, so I asked her if she would read on after a dream opening (I explain the opening and how dreams play a big part.) She hasn’t answered yet, she is very busy, but I didn’t want to start querying until she answered. My gut says go with it.

In my opening there is a prophetic dream, and then the scene shifts to the POV of The Dark Prince, the antagonist in my story, going into my MC’s chamber, reading the dream and pulling it out of my MC’s head so she isn’t warned about what is to come. One of the commenter’s thought it would be stronger if I wove the two together. (So start off with the Dark Prince and see the dream as he is reading it.) I wasn’t sure, but I gave it ago and I actually really love it like that. So I’ve kept it that way and my confidence has gone back up.

My week is clear next week (thank goodness) so I might just query other agents anyway and wait to query Suzie after I see her answer.

Well that’s all from me. How was your writing week? Don’t be shy I love to hear from you.

Happy Writing 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 61.

  1. Good luck with your query for Suzie! She’s wonderful! And, yes, I think she gets a TON of Tumblr asks because people know how helpful her answers are.

    Also, good luck with the other queries you have personalized but haven’t sent out yet!

  2. Beginnings are so hard. Mine has been completely rewritten three times, and tweaked and edited a dozen or so more (per iteration). That’s not counting my attempts to start the novel at various points, both earlier and later, in the story. What I do know is that the novel starts at that point (it must) and that everything that has to happen in the first chapter happens, but beyond that, I’m extremely uncertain about it. I’ve likely over edited it because I’ve lost sight of how to improve it now. I hope to get some further assistance at a workshop in a few weeks.
    We’ll see how that goes. And, of course, I’ll blog about it. It may not show up until April’s update, though.
    All the best in the continuing querying process.

    1. Sounds like the same trouble I go through with my beginnings. I find them so stressful because if the beginning isn’t good then an agent is going to stop reading. Hopefully I’ve done enough.
      And thanks.

  3. Good luck with querying! Usually a dream-beginning would be a no-no for me… but when I think about it, I guess it just depends! Sometimes a story just cannot begin any other way. So I say go with whatever works for you and your novel. I mean, not everyone is going to like it — but it’s impossible to please everyone. Here’s to a hopefully productive writing week! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I wouldn’t normally go for a dream beginning either, but my MC is a prophetess and dreams play a big role in the story. All I can do is go with my gut. Al I need is one agent to like it!

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