Writing Tip Wednesday: What To Do When Waiting For Something In Publishing.

There is a lot of waiting in a writer’s life. Waiting for your beta reader to get back to you. Waiting for replies to your query. Waiting while an agent reads your full. Waiting while your book is out on submission. Waiting for your book to be released. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

And sometimes all that waiting, especially for an impatient person like me, is painful. I’m currently in the querying stage and all agents have different time frames for when they will reply. I’m doing a lot of checking of emails while trying to wait patiently. (Some days are more successful than others.)

I came across the perfect blog post to help me while I waited and thought I would share it all with you so you could benefit from it too.

Agent Carly Watters recently shared some tips on what to do if you’re waiting for something in publishing, whether that be beta readers, waiting for an agent, waiting for an editor, waiting for your book to come out, or waiting for reviews.

So for me I should ‘Start working on (or finishing) your next book; avoid reading too much into agents’ social media posts; tidy up your author blog or website or revamp for a new look; decide on a blog or social media schedule that you can keep up with.’

I am busy with my blog and working on my next book, and while I’m doing those things I’m not compulsively checking my inbox, but it’s in other moments, like doing dishes, that I am distracted and wonder if I have a new, hopefully promising, email waiting for me.

How about you? How good are you at waiting? What do you like to do while you wait to distract yourself?


4 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: What To Do When Waiting For Something In Publishing.

  1. This post is very accurate! I mean, especially when it comes to publishing as well — waiting for rounds of edits to be returned, waiting for covers, waiting for publications day, waiting to see whether they pick up your next novel… I’m sure the list could go on! And like you said even BEFORE all that there is still waiting for a writer. Definitely for me, I like to battle the waiting with two things. First, a break. Especially between a first and second draft. And then when I’ve finished, and am still waiting for feedback or something, then most likely I’ll work on something else. Great post!

    1. Thank you. Taking a break is good, even better when you use said break to read. Nothing like getting lost in a good book to help past the time.

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