Writing Tip Wednesday: Royalties and Debut Author Secrets.

As aspiring authors we like to dream about the day we become published authors, imagining what it will be like. We dream about six figure advances and global marketing campaigns, New York Times bestseller list and seeing our books on the shelf. There’s nothing wrong with having these dreams, I have them myself, but sometimes the actual reality of having a book deal isn’t what we imagined.
Not everybody gets a six-figure book deal as Brenda Hiatt shows on her blog. She has posted a survey of traditional publishing houses, examining what they pay and the royalties their clients receive. A lot of the figures might surprise you.
You can read the article HERE.

I also came across this great article about the part of being a debut author that no one talks about. It’s a very interesting read. Check it out HERE.

I love posts like the above because they help me get a better understanding of the business I want to be in. I’m still hopeful for the big advance and New York Times bestseller status, but I’m also realistic and would be happy for a small advance and to see my book on the shelf; after all I’m in it for the long run and I don’t need it all from the beginning. (Though wouldn’t that be nice!)

Have the above articles helped you? Were your eyes opened today? Did you think it was all six figures or are you more realistic? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.

9 thoughts on “Writing Tip Wednesday: Royalties and Debut Author Secrets.

  1. “For a lot of writers, it will prove to be the most emotionally unsteady period of their lives.”

    This is pretty true for me. I’m an emotional wreck. I’m racked with self doubt. I’m scared all the time. And I keep thinking: WHY ISN’T ANYONE ELSE FEELING THIS WAY? Maybe I’m the only one who is willing to talk about it, since I’m pretty vulnerable and transparent on my blog.

    I’ve asked my debut author group– the Fearless Fifteeners– and there’s a fair number of them who also are suffering from major anxiety since getting their book deals.

    I had my first panic attack two days after I got my book deal.

    1. That’s what I love about your blog, how transparent you are! It’s so much more helpful when writers share their feelings so the rest us can know what to expect.

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