A Writerly Update 68.

Hi Everyone,

This past week felt like it lasted a month! I’ve been out every day this week and I’m exhausted. I’m looking forward to just spending the day at home tomorrow.

On the writing front:

I posted the latest episode of my ya sci-fi The Amberly Chronicles on Monday.

I got half a chapter of my other ya sci-fi Rift edited on Tuesday.

I don’t think I did any writing on Wednesday.

Thursday I used my writing time to work out a writing schedule for June – I like to be organised like that. I’m really happy with what I came up with.

On Friday I edited my MG.

Saturday I also edited my MG. I’m going over the 15k I have written so I can continue on with the first draft. I was hoping to have it edited completely by the end of the weekend but I still have about 10 pages to go.

Nothing today.

So in June I want finish editing this draft of Rift, and finish the first draft of my MG. With the new schedule I should be able to complete both goals comfortably.

That’s it from me. How was your writing week? Do you have any goals for June?


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