A Writerly Update 71.

Hi Everyone,

In case you missed my quick update, I lost internet over the last 3 days so I’m a bit behind on posts. I have 3 reviews I need to get up plus my regular posts. I had internet for almost a whole week so I thought it was fixed, but then it died again on Friday. This is unacceptable! It came back on tonight so hopefully it will stay on.

Anyway, I’m really happy with my writing stats from last week. The internet is such a big distraction for me (when I actually have it that is)so I decided to write the rest of my MG by hand. I actually really enjoy writing by hand.

On the 15th I wrote 1515 words.
On the 16th I wrote 450 words.
On the 17th I wrote 1006 words.
On the 18th I wrote 1463 words.
On the 19th I wrote 383 words.
On the 20th I wrote 3303 words – this was a really good day 🙂
On the 21st I wrote 0 words. (At least there was only one 0 word day this week.)
which = 8,120 words. This brings my total to 17,424 of 35,000 words.

If I am going to complete my challenge I am going to have to write around 2k a day for the rest of the month.

I am determined to do it.

This week I really need to work on a short story for a competition I really want to enter that closes at the end of the month, so I’ll need to squeeze that in as well as writing my 2k a day. If only my house could clean itself, life would be so much easier.

That’s all from me. How was your writing week?


4 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 71.

  1. Oh, nice job, Rochelle! My writing has been really non-existant this week, and will for the next 2-3; I’ve just finished editing a manuscript and doing a read-through, and am entering it into an agenting competition, though I might need to do editing for that so perhaps I will be writing! But I’m definitely going to get back to my WIP after that, which I’m excited about. I hope I can get it finished before NaNo, so I don’t have to make the choice of putting it on hold again.

    I’m happy to see you used the power outages to your writing advantage! Go you! I love writing by hand and often physically can’t when I have to write on the computer. Comments are about it! (: xx

    1. I really love writing by hand too, it feels more organic or something, though after a few thousand words my hand kills.
      Good luck with the agent comp.

  2. Hi Rochelle, tried writing to you via GR but it wouldn’t let me. I saw Liane Moriarty during the Sudney writers festival week and she was telling us about an Internet timer where she times herself off the internet. She said she’d never get work done otherwise. Can’t remember what it’s called but if I do I’ll try to write to you again through GR :))

    1. I have heard of that internet timer, but I can’t remember what it’s called either. I can definitely see the benefits. I’ve had heaps more time to write since loosing the internet.

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