A Writerly Update 72.

It’s been two weeks since my last update and that’s because I didn’t have internet for over a week. The good news is that I have a temporary fix for the internet issues I have been having and will have internet for the next 30 days!

June ended which means my writing challenge has ended. I wanted to write 35K during June, completing the first draft of my MG. I didn’t quite make it. I ended up writing a total of 32,227 words. I was hoping to finish the last 3k within 2 days of June ending but that didn’t happen. My kids are on school holidays which means I don’t get as much time to write. Plus I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to catch up on the blogs I missed during my week of no internet, and my emails, and reviews I needed to post.

Here’s what my writing week looked like:

29/6 Wrote 2,667 words of my MG.
30/6 Wrote 2,410 words of my MG. Entered a short story into a competition.
1/7 Edited another short story and entered it into an anthology.
2/7 Nothing. Had to work all day 😦
3/7 Took the kids out so that was my day gone, but did get a review up that was overdue during night time.
4/7 Wrote a draft of Amberly Chronicles episode 17 (1300 words). I’m hoping to get this up on Tuesday. Edited two chapters of my YA sci-fi that I stopped working on in June in order to complete my challenge.
5/7 Nothing today. Sundays are pretty full on for me and I usually don’t write on Sundays.

Looking at it like that I guess I was still fairly productive this week even though it is school holidays.Though I would have liked to get that last 3k done on my MG. I’ll do that as soon as possible this coming week so I can rest it and forget about it for awhile.

That’s it from me. How was your week, writing wise?


11 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 72.

  1. I’ve been on holiday for the past two weeks and started writing again yesterday. Feels good to get back into the swing of things. Hoping to write every day for the next month (when possible) and see if I can finish my current story.

    1. Yes, it always feels good to get back into writing after a break. Hope you reach your goal of writing everyday for the next month. Hope you finish your current story.

  2. Sorry you didn’t meet the challenge, but it’s good that you recognize the value of every word you did get written 🙂 Internet issues suck, but sometimes not having access can help you focus on other things that are important. 🙂 It’s always a mixed bag.
    Keep on keeping on.

    1. I didn’t meet the challenge but I was really happy with the quality of the words I wrote. I know it’s a first draft and needs lots of editing, but for a first draft it’s pretty good.
      Yes, the upside of losing internet is having more time to focus on writing. But then you have to try and catch up on what you missed and that can suck away writing time so it’s a fine line.

  3. Yay internet! And also you seemed to be pretty consistent with working on your writing goals! GO YOU. I’m notorious for writing intensely for one week and then…um…not writing at all for the next 2 months. -_- I’m planning to start editing again this July though! YAY. (Not. hehe, Editing is my nemesis.)

    1. Good luck with the July edits. I don’t mind editing so much. I like the joy of rediscovering your story after having put it away. I love it when you are reading your own work and you are so enthralled you wonder what is going to happen next even though you were the one who wrote the thing!

  4. Only 3K away from your goal? That’s amazing. I spent my holidays thinking about – you guessed it – my query and sample. I can’t start another project until I know this baby can chug along on her own. Two more weeks hopefully. Oh and I also gained another awesome CP, who is probably starting to realise how much work I really am lol. I think it’s great that you get your writing done, regardless of emails etc that you attend to. I need to learn that I should write first in the morning, get that done, and then see what time I have left for the rest 🙂

    1. I have finished the first draft of the middle grade now, which is an awesome feeling. Definitely make writing the first thing you do in the morning (well after you drop the kids off at school unless you want to get up at dawn) If you get on that internet first you’ll waste away that precious writing time. When I can, I write before anything else, and on days I cant I make sure I squeeze in at least an hour somewhere else.

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