Review: Making Ends Meet By Anna Clifton #AWW2015.


Release Date: June 2015.
Publisher: Escape Publishing.
Source: From publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

From Anna Clifton comes a sweet, emotional, beautiful romance about a man whose life has been derailed and the unexpected woman who can help him get it back on track.

‘It’s for other reasons that I won’t need a nanny beyond a month.’

Twenty-three year old nanny Somer Sullivan has never had a job quite like this one: fix the messed-up, out-of-control life of high-profile artist and thirty-something dad Harry Halligan. But Somer is organised, efficient and not afraid of a challenge. She will do everything Harry needs her to do, including bringing his ex-wife home for good.

‘One month, Harry, and I’ll be out of here.’

Harry Halligan doesn’t want a nanny, but he needs one—he needs Somer. She’s the only one who can reach his troubled daughter, who can bring some measure of peace to his home. But as Somer advances her mission to fix his life, a few things become clear: his ex-wife might not be the answer, and Somer just might be. But Somer is running like hell from something in her own life and hiding in his.

Only one thing is for sure. Harry now has less than a month to make the hardest decision he’ll ever have to make—a decision that will change all of their lives forever.

My Thoughts:

4 stars.

Making Ends Meet was a sweet romance that I found hard to put down once I started reading. It was well written, with engaging characters that were easy to care about. The main characters had a great spark and I was holding my breath until the end, waiting to see if they would get together.

Artist, Harry Halligan is recovering after a brain tumour. His normal help is on holiday and he needs a nanny for a month to fill in while she is gone.
Somer is helping out a friend by agreeing to go for an interview for the job, though she is hoping she doesn’t get it.
After an explosive meeting between Somer and Harry, they are both certain the job won’t work out. But after a second chance and an apology, Somer reluctantly agrees to the position.
As Somer’s relationship grows with the children, so does it grow with Harry, and Somer finds herself attracted to the older, handsome artist.
But he is determined to have his family back together for the sake of his children and trying to win back his estranged wife. But the more he is around Somer, the harder it is to deny the attraction he has for her. She is a brightness in his broken world and he starts having feelings he never thought he’d feel for anyone else again.
Somer comes from a broken family herself and never wants to be the woman who tears a family apart.Despite how gorgeous Harry is, she won’t let herself get involved with her boss. But the chemistry is there and hard to deny.
Time is running out for the pair of them and both will have to decide what it is they really want, and if they will put themselves before others for once in their lives.

I love it when the relationship between the two main characters is back and forth, when they are trying to deny an obvious attraction for one and other. Making Ends Meet was a perfect example of this. Harry and Somer’s attraction was sizzling! There were lots of great twists throughout that will pull you in and keep you captivated. Making Ends Meet was a wonderful romance that I highly recommend. For those of you looking for a great romance but with not too much steam, this book is perfect for you. I will be eagerly looking out for more titles by this author.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Making Ends Meet By Anna Clifton #AWW2015.

  1. YAY for lots of chemistry! It truly does sound like a lovely romance read.

    Nice review, Rochelle! <33

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