A Writerly Update 77.

Hey Everyone,

Life was hectic last week, which always seems the case when I’m working to a deadline.
Last week I was focusing on two projects. First, a short story for a comp closing today. I did a final edit of it today and sent it away. Fingers crossed.

I have also been working on a MG fantasy (different to the one I submitted to Pitch Wars). If I don’t get into Pitch Wars, I am planning on entering this manuscript into the Ampersand Project. That is if I get this last edit of it done in time. At this stage I should be able to do it.

That’s it on the writing front.

I’ve got some awesome books on my shelves at the moment that I can’t wait to read. There are some exciting reviews coming your way. I’ve also got an amazing giveaway for Aussie readers later in September that I am really excited about.

I’ve gotten a few books this week, so thought I might share them with you:
(Sorry these pics aren’t the best.)


I have been wanting to read Percy Jackson forever and was so excited when I saw the box set for only $24. I can finally start this series, well, when I get my review copy to-read list under control, that is.)


I won this one on Goodreads! It has been forever since I have won a book from there. Also it was signed, which was really cool!


That’s all from me. How was your writing week? Did you get any books you’re excited about?


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