Writing Quote Wednesday: Encouraging Words From Jay Kristoff.

This life is full of people who will tell you can’t. That you won’t. That you shouldn’t even try. Doubt it not, my friends, these people are your enemies. They are the death of your hope and creativity. They are walking misery, seeking your company. Don’t spare them a second, or a breath. Leave them to their “can’t’” and “won’t’” and “shouldn’t’”. Leave them choking in your dust. Standing still as you speed at your horizon.

This was taken from Jay Kristoff’s latest post on his blog. You should check out the rest of the post, it is worth the read.

2 thoughts on “Writing Quote Wednesday: Encouraging Words From Jay Kristoff.

  1. That is an astonishing quote. I suppose, Rochelle, it’s one of those things you know but don’t really listen to. Or one of those things you hear and know to be true, but you can’t bare for it to apply to you. I feel like I can’t abandon the people who naysay me, because I love them- even if they mightn’t believe in my future- although luckily I haven’t had anything like that happen for a long time. But it can be so hard. What happens when you’re supposed to leave the person doubting you in the dust, but they’re one of the most important people in your life?

    Beautiful, thought-provoking quote. Thank you so much for sharing it. xx

    1. Sometimes the people closest to us may not be as supportive about our writing as we would like, they don’t understand and try and make you see the practical side of life, but I think in most cases, with family, they aren’t saying it to try and be mean, well hopefully they aren’t. I don’t think this quote could really apply to close family because you are stuck with them, but other people on the outside who try to get in and discourage you. I use other people’s discouragement to fuel me and keep me going. It helps me to strive to prove them wrong.

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