A Writerly Update 79 + Book haul.

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update, sadly that’s because I’ve been sick. I’m finally better. I haven’t done much writing though. On the 14th I entered the Ampersand Prize and then decided I would take a week off writing as I was feeling a little burnt out after editing my MG like crazy to get it into the Ampersand Prize on time. And that’s when I got sick, ruining my plan to spend a week reading. I read a bit but mostly I just slept.
Then the kids started school holidays so I decided to extend the break and catch up on my reading since I’m so far behind on my review copies. I’ll be posting more reviews and less of other things in the next few weeks as I catch up.

I know it’s been so long since I’ve posted an episode of Amberly Chronicles, I’ll try and get one up soon.

I’ve got a few books recently so I thought I would share them with you.

The Lifeline bookfair came to town. I love when it’s bookfair time. I had a busy weekend that weekend and I only got there three hours before it closed. I was worried all the good books were gone but I still managed to pick up 10 books:

These are the books I got:
1. The Field Guide – Spiderwick chronicles 1.
2. Slave to Sensation – Nalini Singh.
3.Spook’s Apprentice.
4. How I Live Now.
5.An issue of Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine.

8. Spirit Walker.
9. Four Great Novels of Charles Dickens.
10. The Island House.

And here are the books I received, all thanks to Simon & Schuster:


That’s it for me. How was your writing week? Anyone on a writing break? Anyone got their kids on holidays, or on holidays themselves?


6 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 79 + Book haul.

  1. Ahh, the book fair! I wish we had one down this way, I’m always envious of seeing everyone’s bargains and supporting such a worthy cause as well. I can’t wait to see what you think of Night Owls, it’s been one of my favourite books so far this year. So incredibly lovely. Have a fabulous week Rochelle and hope the kids don’t drive you too bonkers while they’re off school 😀

    PS. Love the new template, really beautiful ❤

  2. OMG, nice grabs! I love book fairs! The books you find are astonishing and the cheap prices too ;). They’re anything to mesmerise a book lover, huh?
    It’s F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Totally in love with it!!!!
    Sounded like you had an awesome week Rochelle!

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