Review: We Are The Rebels By Clare Wright #aww2015

We Are The Rebels

Publisher: Text Pulishing
Release Date: 19th August 2015.
Source: from publisher in exchange for honest review.


The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka is the most talked-about work of Australian history in recent years. Now here is Clare Wright’s groundbreaking, award-winning study of the women who made the rebellion in an abridged edition for teenage readers.

Front and centre are the vibrant, adventurous personalities who were players in the rebellion: Sarah Hanmer, Ellen Young, Clara Seekamp, Anastasia Hayes and Catherine Bentley, among others.

But just as important were the thousands of women who lived, worked and traded on the goldfields—women who have been all but invisible until now. Discovering them changes everything.

My Thoughts:

5 out of 5 stars  – Brilliant.

It is only in the last few years that I’ve become interested in Australian history. In High School I was more interested in Ancient History than any other type, and Australian history just didn’t seem as interesting as other countries’. Maybe if it had been presented to me like Clare Wright has done in this book, I would have been enthralled.

Clare Wright has done an amazing job of presenting the women and men who made Eureka. She has painted a vivid picture of their lives, their struggles and gave us personal accounts so the figures become as real as they once were and made it feel as if we knew these people.

We Are The Rebels read like a piece of fiction and was just as interesting, if not even more so because it really happened. We Are The Rebels was an engrossing, captivating read. I cannot recommend it enough. If you think Australian history isn’t your thing, I still urge you to give this a try. Wright illustrates this time in our history in an engaging and fascinating way. This is no boring history book. This is the story of the many brave people who helped shape our nation.

We Are The Rebels is a concise edition of The Forgotten Rebels Of Eureka and I’m very interested in reading the extended version. Here’s hoping Wright will present to us many more books like this one, depicting the moments in history that shaped us and especially the role women played, in her enthralling, vivid voice.

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5 thoughts on “Review: We Are The Rebels By Clare Wright #aww2015

  1. Having read the extended version (& loving it) I probably wont read the ‘lite’ version, so I was interested to see just how much you enjoyed it.
    I’m glad Wright kept in all the good bits and has hopefully enticed you to now read the full version 🙂

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