Happy New Year! My Blogging Plans For 2016!


Happy New Year to all of my wonderful followers. I can hardly believe it is 2016 already. But I am glad 2015 is over. I got sick in September with stress and my anxiety got the worst it has ever been and the last months of 2015 weren’t that great for me. I am happy to say things are finally getting back on track and I feel happy and healthy and really looking forward to what 2016 holds.

2016 is going to be about balance for me, because I lost it in 2015 and the results were disastrous.  It will be about writing lots and giving my family the time they need too. Reviewing became a chore for me as well, so I am pulling back from reviewing for publishers and reading the books I actually have on my shelves that have been neglected for too long. Blogging wasn’t fun anymore, and it should be, it’s a hobby, so I am going back to how I use to blog so it becomes fun again.

I did a round or two of querying last year before I stopped and decided to revise my manuscript. It is almost done (and would have been if I didn’t get sick) and I’ll be jumping back into querying ASAP. I also have a MG novel ready to go, and even sent 2 queries out for that in mid December.

I will get an agent in 2016. This is my goal. I believe it will happen.

I will be joining the Australian Woman Writers Challenge again this year. We celebrate Australia day in January, so I have dedicated January to reading books by Aussie Authors. I will be reading and reviewing 10 books by Aussie women. I also have some review books left over from last year so expect a lot of reviews during January and February. I will then only be reviewing once a week.

I’ll also bring back Writing Tip Wednesday/Writing Quote Wednesday and letting you know about Submissions that open as I hear about them.

And I’ll be having lots of GIVEAWAYS. My goal is to try and host a giveaway once a month. My first giveaway will be in celebration of Australia day and I’ll be giving away a book by an Australian author. It will be International. More details soon.

And of course I’ll keep you updated on my writing. I think I’ll join Wattpad, when I find the time. I would love to put up The Amberly Chronicles and jump back into finishing it. Once I got sick I had to put it on hold.

My word of the year this year is going to be PERSISTENCE.

I didn’t give up last year when things got hard and I’m not this year either.

That’a about it from me. What are your goals for 2016?




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