Australian Women Writers 2015 Challenge Wrap up. #aww2015


This year I once again participated in the Australian Women Writers Challenge. I aimed to read 40 books by Australian  women writers.  Due to sickness though, I only managed to read 30 books, 21 of which I was able to review.

We have fantastic writers here in Australia and I read some great books. Here is the list of the books I read this year, and I would recommend them all. Note: Links are to my reviews. Books are in order that I read them.


  1. The Maxwell Sisters. 4 stars.
  2. Avery. 4 stars.
  3. Wanting Mr Wrong. 4 stars.
  4. The Girl In The Yellow Vest. 4 stars.
  5. Rose River. 5 stars.
  6. Will. 4 stars.
  7. Akarnae. 3 stars.
  8. Down Outback Roads. 4.5 stars.
  9. Common Ground. 4 stars.
  10. The Soldier’s Wife. 5 stars.
  11. No Place Like You. 5 stars.
  12. Making Ends Meet. 4 stars.
  13. The Bit Inbetween. 4 stars.
  14. Burn. 5 stars.
  15. Diverging Cadence. 4 stars.
  16. The Foretelling Of Georgie Spider. 5 Stars.
  17. We Are The Rebels: The Women and Men at Made Eureka. 5 stars.
  18. Captivate. 4 stars.
  19. Christmas Where They Belong. 4 stars.
  20. Illuminae.5 stars.
  21. Fairytales For Wilde Girls. 5 stars.
  22. Dead Actually. 4 stars.
  23. As Stars Fall. 4 stars.
  24. A Diamond In Her Stocking. 4 stars.
  25. State Of Grace. 4 stars.
  26. Twice Upon A Time. 5 stars.
  27.  His Christmas Angel. 4 stars.
  28. Don’t fence Me In. 4 stars.
  29. The Contract. 5 stars.
  30. Pieces Of Sky. 4 stars.

If you would like to support Australian women writers you can join the 2016 challenge here. 


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