When Friendship Followed Me Home (And Tore Out My Heart!) By Paul Griffin.

When Friendship Followed Me Home

Release Date: 27th June 2016

Publisher: Text Publishing (Australia.)

Source: From publisher in exchange for an honest review. 



A boy’s chance encounter with a scruffy dog leads to an unforgettable friendship in this deeply moving story about life, loss and the meaning of family.

Ben Coffin has never felt like he fits in. A former foster kid, he keeps his head down at school to avoid bullies and spends his afternoons reading sci-fi books at the library. But all that changes when he finds a scruffy abandoned dog named Flip and befriends the librarian’s daughter, Halley. For the first time, Ben starts to feel like he belongs in his own life. Then everything changes, and suddenly Ben is more alone than ever. But with a little help from Halley’s magician father, Ben discovers his place in the world and learns to see his own magic through others’ eyes.

Equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming, When Friendship Followed Me Home is a must-read for dog lovers and fans of emotionally resonant middle-grade novels.


My Thoughts:

5 stars.

My heart is crushed! I was not expecting the amount of sadness contained in the pages of this book.

When Friendship Followed Me Home is a breathtakingly beautiful story of a foster boy named Ben, whose life is changed by an adorable scruff ball named Flip. I was pulled in and captivated by this story from the start and literally could not put it down, finishing it in one sitting.
Ben has lived a lonely life. He was in foster care until he was 10 and for the past two years has been living with his ‘mom’ Tess.
He is incredibly smart, but incredibly weary of forming relationships. People come into his life and then they go.
Flip becomes everything to Ben, and Flip leads him to Halley – like the comet – the rainbow girl, and she becomes his best and closest friend.
Ben gets thrown hurdle after hurdle, and Halley and Flip are there to pull him through the pain.

The three of these characters felt so real to me that as I was reading I forgot they actually weren’t real. Ben, Halley and Flip sunk deep into my heart – which was twisted and shredded while reading this book before being sown back together.
When Friendship Followed Me Home was touching, was haunting, was beautiful, was incredible. So sad, but so full of hope. I loved it. A stand out contemporary. I cannot recommend it enough.
(And keep your tissues close!)

You can add it to your Goodreads HERE.


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