Review: The Black Key By Amy Ewing.


Release Date: October 1st 2016.

Publisher: Walker Books Australia.

Source: From publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


Synopsis from Goodreads:

The third book in Amy Ewing’s New York Times bestselling Lone City trilogy, The Black Key is perfect for fans of The Selection and Red Queen.

Violet and the Society of the Black Key are preparing to launch an attack on the royalty, and Violet has a crucial role to play. She must lead the surrogates as they infiltrate the Auction and break down the walls of the Lone City. But with her sister, Hazel, imprisoned in the palace of the Lake, Violet is torn. In order to save her sister, she must abandon her cause and her friends and return to the Jewel.

My Thoughts:

4.5 stars.

#As this is the 3rd book in the series, the following review will contain spoilers for the previous books.

This was a fantastic final instalment to the Lone City trilogy. I have loved this series so far and The Black Key didn’t disappoint.

The Black Key rebellion is gaining traction. They are setting off bombs in the Bank, making the presence of The Black Key known as they build towards their attack on the Jewel and the Royals, hoping to bring them down once and for all. Violet, Raven and the other girls with abilities are visiting the holding facilities, telling the other surrogates just how great their powers actually are and building a secret army.

We found out in the end of the last book that Violet’s sister has been taken by the Duchess as a replacement for Violet, and now Violet finds out her sister’s life is in danger. With a month of wait ahead of her before the plan unfolds, she leaves the White Rose where she had been hiding. She goes to the the House of the Lake undercover as a servant to try and save her sister. Relationships are tested, secrets uncovered, and a there is a shocking, brutal end for one of the beloved characters.

I found it easy to fall back into the world of Lone City. The Black Key was as intriguing as the other books with many revelations and shocking twists that I didn’t see coming. I’m happy to say we finally get to know the true reason why the Duchess is the way that she is and her motivation behind all her schemes.
Although a satisfying ending, I wanted just a little bit more of what the future holds for the characters. We were painted a picture of what the future might hold for Violet in the aftermath of all that unfolded, but I would have liked a little bit of the future shown.

Overall I think fans of the series will not be disappointed. There are some truly sad parts as there is with battles of rebellion, but the book closes with hope, which is always the best kind of ending.
I have highly enjoyed the Lone City trilogy. It is one of my favourite dystopian fantasies and I can’t wait to see what Amy Ewing comes up with next.

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