Review: Night Beach By Kirsty Eagar #aww2017


Publisher: Penquin Books Australia.

Release Date: April 26 2012.

Source: Bought myself.


Synopsis from Goodreads:

Imagine there is someone you like so much that just thinking about them leaves you desperate and reckless. You crave them in a way that’s not rational, not right, and you’re becoming somebody you don’t recognise, and certainly don’t respect, but you don’t even care. And this person you like is unattainable. Except for one thing… He lives downstairs.

Abbie has three obsessions. Art. The ocean. And Kane.

But since Kane’s been back, he’s changed. There’s a darkness shadowing him that only Abbie can see. And it wants her in its world.

A gothic story about the very dark things that feed the creative process.


Reasons why I would seriously recommend Nightbeach:

1) Abbie. She is obsessed with Art, the Ocean and Kane, and she was so very real. One of the realist teenagers depicted that I’ve read. She was incredibly relatable.
2) Kane and his demons.
3) It was deliciously dark, with a mystery about the ‘shadow’ that was intriguing.
4) It creeped the crap out of me in some parts. I don’t like a book to be too creepy and this had a good balance.
5) Abbie’s aching and longing were depicted so beautifully.
6) The romance side of things wasn’t your usual run of the mill romance. It was more about the yearning and wanting than the actual getting. (But I’ll let you find out for yourself whether she gets him in the end of not.)
7) Her male friends and the complicated relationship she has with them.
8) Pinty. An invisible friend to the little girl Abbie babysits, but very present and creepy.
9) The writing itself was beautiful.
10) Night beach was captivating and hard to put down. I finished it in two days.
11) It ended just how it should.
12) The setting. I’m not a surfer like Abbie, but I love the beach and stories that have beaches in them. I especially liked the ‘Night Beach.’


You can add it to your Goodreads HERE.

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