Review: Frogkisser By Garth Nix


Publisher: Allen & Unwin.

Release Date: Febraury 2017.

Source: Borrowed from library.






A rollicking fantasy-adventure by the master of children’s speculative fiction.

Talking dogs. Mischievous wizards. An evil stepstepfather. Loads and loads of toads. Such is the life of a Frogkisser.

Princess Anya needs to see a wizard about a frog. It’s not her frog, it’s her sister’s. And it’s not a frog, it’s actually a prince. A prince who was once in love with Anya’s sister, but has now been turned into a frog by their evil stepstepfather. And Anya has made a ‘sister promise’ that she will find a way to return Prince Denholm to human form…

So begins an exciting, hilarious, irreverent quest through the Kingdom of Trallonia and out the other side, in a fantastical tale for all ages, full of laughs and danger, surprises and delights, and an immense population of frogs.

My Thoughts:
4.5 stars.

This was a fun, funny, magical story for those who love fairytales. I just knew I would love this story and wished I had read it sooner!

Anya is a young princess who loves to spend time in the library with her head in a book. She never wanted to go on a quest, but finds herself thrust into one after making a sister promise, and to escape being sent off to school by her evil stepstepfather.

She needs to turn a frog back into a prince, but since she is not his true love has to set out to find the ingredients to make a lip balm that will do the job instead. She is accompanied by an adorable dog, and a newt looking to be turned back into a boy. Oh, and if she wasn’t busy enough doing that, she has to try and figure out how to stop her evil stepstepfather while she is at it and save her kingdom.

The quest is in no way easy and Anya finds herself in alot of trouble, alot of the time. We meet a cast of quirky characters along the way and there is a nod to other fairytales sprinkled throughout.

Though it is a tale of a princess and there are princes, it isn’t a romantic tale. Anya must get her head out of books and is awaken to what is really going on in her kingdom, and the responsibility she holds, even though she is not the oldest. Anya was brave, kind and sensible. The side characters were easy to like and gave a lot to the story.

I thoroughly enjoy this book. Garth Nix has weaved a creative tale that I highly recommend for middle grade readers, or, like me, the young at heart who like a clean read.

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