My Novels.

For those interested, here are some of the novels I am currently working on.

Court of Dark and Light 

Historical Fantasy – Complete.


The world is new and Earth is a playground for the fallen. The Prince of Darkness plans to rule the world, and he is beginning with Havilah – the greatest of all the lands. The exiled Princess Tabitha is his tool, and he gives her the dark power she will need to become queen and rule the land.

The king’s daughter, Princess Odelia, dreams of the end. She must leave behind her dying father and take a journey to find the Book of Prophecy her mother had written before she died, to learn how to defeat the rising evil before darkness descends and destroys them all.

The battle for the world has been ignited, and the fate of the young Earth lies in the hands of one princess who will do whatever it takes to save her people, save her father, and restore the light to the land.

I’ve been calling this one Rift when talking about it because I haven’t settled on a name yet.
YA, urban sci-fi. I just rewrote the whole thing and am on the 3rd draft of the rewrites, though altogether it’s probably like draft 10.

Soon after 17 year old Alexa Jones discovers she has the ability to
open rifts between worlds, she learns a group of aliens are after her
for her ability. She also finds out that, Tallis, the boy she has been dreaming
about is real and that he and others have been sent to Earth to protect her from
the aliens who want to use her to take over other worlds.

We Have To Break Up.
YA Contemporary. Complete, needs to be beta read.
Have you ever been in love? How about had a crush? Seventeen year old Becca Adams is experiencing both at the same time. She has a crush on her hot Italian boyfriend, Josh, but she is also in love with her ex-neighbour, Daniel, who moved to Perth a year ago.
Now Daniel is moving back next door and he wants to be with Becca, and Becca wants to be with him, too, so there is only one thing she can do: break up with Josh.
But as Becca discovers, breaking up with someone isn’t easy.
We Have To Break Up is a funny and light-hearted story about the longing of first love and the perils of breaking-up.

13 thoughts on “My Novels.

  1. I don’t know why I never noticed this page before. Love the sound of all them, especially ‘We Have To Break Up!’. All the best with your writing Rochelle. I can’t wait to see your books in print 🙂

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