The Mother/Writer.

What everyone doesn’t know about me is that I am in fact a mother. I have two young children – a son in school and a daughter in preschool. Since today is Mothers Day I thought I would share a little something about what it’s like trying to juggle motherhood and writing. I myself like … More The Mother/Writer.

Writing Tip Wednesday: Maintaining Passion for a Story.

Welcome to this week’s writing tip Wednesday. Today I’d like to direct you to a great post I saw on Pub(lishing) crawl, a website hosted by a group of authors and industry professionals who blog about all things writing, publishing and books. The post was titled ‘A Conversation between Critique Partners: Maintaining Passion for a … More Writing Tip Wednesday: Maintaining Passion for a Story.

A word on rejection.

Rejection is a part of being a writer. Lots of writers got rejected many times before they got picked up. Becca Fitzpatrick took 5 years to sell her YA angel book Hush Hush, Wither by Lauren Destefano was rejected 120 times before it was picked up, and even Stephen King was rejected. (His book ‘On … More A word on rejection.