A Writerly Update 21.

Hi, Everyone!

I’ve had a very productive writing week this week and am happy with everything I’ve gotten done.

I edited and sent away a short love story for adults. This one had to be sent via regular post, which is something I haven’t done in years, these days most people accept email.

I also edited and sent away a fantasy short story. The thing with this one is that I feel like it is one of the best short stories, if not the best short story, I have ever written, and it is the first time I actually really feel like this one will be published. If it does get rejected it’s going to be a huge blow. It’s for an anthology, so maybe it won’t fit in with the other stories? I don’t want my hopes to get too high. If it is rejected I’m just going to keep sending it out to other places, I’m not giving up on this one.

Thankfully, the other short story deadlines I am planning on submitting to are more spread out now so I can go back to focusing on my novels.

Speaking of novels…

I’ve actually been working on my epic fantasy. I was checking out the #MSWL hashtag on twitter – for those who don’t know #MSWL is where agents tell you their current manuscript wish lists – and came across TEN agents all really wanting YA epic fantasy with a strong female MC. So I thought I would whip mine out and see where I’m up to with it, it’s been months since I’ve looked at it, and I’m reading over it at the moment. The good news is that it’s more polished than I remembered, I’m barely making any changes and it will be ready to go out on submission soon. And now I have a list of agents to query 🙂

That’s all from me. All editing this week, no writing.

What about you? How did you go writing wise this week? I’d love to hear from you 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 21.

  1. The #MSWL hashtag is so great, isn’t it? Definitely useful for writers looking for agents. Oh, it’s a wonderful feeling to come across a manuscript that’s better than expected. (:

    Good luck with submissions!

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