A Writerly Update 32.

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s writerly update.

Unfortunately I was unable to write for the first three days of this week, but I did get some writing done on the rest of the days.

I did a first draft of a picture book that I feel has real potential.
I knocked out a couple of poems which I haven’t done in a while. They were alright, not great, but I might be able to transform them with some editing.
I also did a draft of the flash fiction piece I am preparing for a competition.

As for Rift, my YA sci-fi, I managed to only read through 2 chapters. I was hoping to read 10. I’m going through the second draft, doing an outline of each chapter to make sure there are no holes in the plot.

I wrote 1067 words of my fairytale retelling. I hadn’t gotten to it properly in a few weeks so I was glad to get that much out.

And I wrote 1019 words of The Girl In The Mirror.

I got some good news yesterday. I was asked by an editor if they could hold the short story I submitted for a second read through because they really enjoyed it. Squee! It’s for an anthology so I guess it will depend on whether it fits in with the other stories selected. Fingers crossed.

That’s it from me. How about you? How was your writing week? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Writing 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Writerly Update 32.

  1. love writing! just calming huh? also putting your imaginative side to life… & they find joy in it!!! hi i’m new to this blogging thing so it would mean alot id you check oug my page and even follow me ( i’ll follow back ) and i’ll also be giving out signed books and other cool things soon!

  2. I haven’t been writing too much lately…
    Seems like you got quite a bit going on though. 😉 Good luck with everything and especially with the short story for the anthology. That’s way cool! 😀

  3. Oh wow, Rochelle, that’s so exciting about your short story and it sounds like you’ve had a really fantastic week of writing! Go you! I hope you celebrated each achievement? xx

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