Why You Can’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

Making this my Writing Tip Wednesday because it has some great insights on how writers get paid.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

contract signingMany writers think their day job is getting in the way of their writing and count down the days until they can quit because that big book deal is on the way, right? Wrong, for now.

(I should preface this with: Some writers have the luxury of external support, have modified or flexible work schedules that allows them to time to dedicate to their creative projects. Day job or not doesn’t make you more or less of a writer.)

I’m a fan of suggesting writers keep a job, volunteer, or engage in other intensive hobbies for the following reasons….

Keeping your day job has many benefits:

  • Inspiration via interactions with people other than your family and settings other than your immediate location.
  • Steady income that you can rely on.
  • Routine–it’s never a bad thing to have some structure in your life. Even if that means knowing you can only squeeze in…

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2 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

  1. While I don’t write anymore, I agree with these points wholeheartedly. A job does provide you with the structure of a day-to-day routine, plus an income! Writing is great once you have signed some book deals, but I think sometimes it’ll get monotonous, especially if you’ve got writer’s block.

    1. And I think if you are busy in general, you will make more time to write because you know if you don’t do it in the time you do have, you won’t do it. Whereas if the day stretched out before you you might put it off to do other things, thinking you have all the time you need and then it’s gone. If that makes sense.

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