Introducing My Pet Dog Rosie!

Today I have a very special guest blogger! My son Elijah would like to introduce you to our pet dog Rosie! It is a very special day for her. Take it away Elijah…


Hello bloggers,

I want you to see our dog so here she is…SAMSUNG

Today is… HER SECOND BIRTHDAY {But in dog years she is 14}.

She is an Australian cattle dog. We rescued her from the pound on the 29th of August 2016. She is very loving and is obessed with licking anyone that she sees so be careful if you do not like to be licked, oh, and by the way ,she goes for the lips if she can.

This is her cake i made her, and i put dog treats on her piece, and she loved it.

Having a dog is so wonderful and hard work, but it is easy work once you get the hang of it. She is cute and fluffy, and has a big smile all of the time ,and finally she has had the best birthday ever and has the best family ever SAMSUNG

Adopt a pet today to never be alone or sad 🙂


6 thoughts on “Introducing My Pet Dog Rosie!

  1. She’s a cutie. Had a neighbor that had a male, Trouble, who came over everyday for a cuddle and treat…he also liked my couch! LOL

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