Writing Tip Wednesday: Keep Writing.

To be a writer, one must write, it is what writers do. You will start off with an idea, and then you’ll start to write, and if you want to have a completed story in the end then you have to keep writing, and if you keep writing you will eventually have that first draft and…well, you’ve begun your novel, but the sad news is you are no where near finished. You have lots of rewrites ahead of you.
It is best to ‘rest’ your novel in-between drafts, put it away and not look at it for a while so when you go back to it you are looking at it with fresh eyes.
And, instead of just sitting around twiddling your thumbs, the best thing to do is keep writing, don’t let this precious time go to waste.
Start on another novel, or a short story, or whatever it is your inspired to write; just keep writing. Don’t stop.
And when you are waiting to hear back from something you have out on submission, keeping writing then too.
The more you write, the more you have to submit and the more you submit the better the chance of something getting picked up.
Hope is a writers best friend. Hope is the only thing that can pick me up when rejection gets me down.
For example: This year I’ve decided I’m going to send out a lot more short stories than I have in previous years. I will write a short story, put it aside, start another, go back to the first and edit it when I’ve completed a first draft of the second. I edit then submit, edit then submit, edit, submit etc. That way I have more than one story I’m waiting to hear back about. Then when the first rejection comes in, it’s sad, but I’m not defeated because the next story may be picked up –there is still hope. Having things out on submission is nerve wracking, but it is also a really fantastic feeling, because while you are waiting to hear back there is still hope. I try and always have something out on submission so that I’m always clinging to that beautiful thing called hope.
And the one way to make sure that I have something I can put out on submission is by continuing to keep writing. You could be waiting months to hear back about your work, months that should not be wasted.
So no matter whether you’re beginning your novel/story, resting it or submitting it, the best thing to do in-between is keep writing.


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