Review & Giveaway: The Shadow by Marianne Curley #aww2018

The Shadow

Release Date: Out now.

Publisher: MTC services.

Source: Netgalley


From bestselling author Marianne Curley comes the highly anticipated return to the Guardians of Time Series…

The battle is over. The war is won. The prophecy complete.

But life can’t just pick up where it left off for Ethan. Struggling to cope with the death of his soul-mate, at odds with his friends in the Guard, he finds himself adrift, jumping at shadows and sensing someone who can’t possibly be there.

Blaming herself for Lathenia’s death, Jesilla swears to avenge her mother and fulfil her vision for world domination. But she hadn’t planned to fall in love. And that leaves her with an unbearable choice – should she follow her heart or the parental strings of a Goddess, short on praise but high on expectation, who continues to pull on her from the grave?

As the Guard and the Order battle through the past and into an impossible future, darkness lurks around every corner. The fight for the world’s survival will rest with just one.

Is it friend or foe that stands in The Shadow?


My Thoughts:

There is so much I want to say about this book, but I can’t because of spoilers! What I can say is that this is my favourite Guardians of Time book and I am so glad Marianne decided to self-publish it.

In The Shadow we pick up a week after the events that ended book 3 so this isn’t a book you can read without reading the others. We are introduced to the new leader of The Order – Jesilla – who is intent on seeking revenge for her mother and carrying on her legacy. Jesilla wasn’t just bad for the sake of being bad, but had a lot of depth and I actually really liked her.

I found Dillon much more lovable in this book as we got to see more of him and his true personality. He kind of just came across as a meat head before. It was heart breaking watching Ethan mourn. He has to go through a lot in this book!

All the characters we love – Arkarian, Matt, Isabel and the rest – are back, travelling through time and trying to save the world. There were lots of twists and turns and exciting surprises. I found this book to be the most romantic, and it had a very satisfying ending.

Fans of this series will definitely want to get their hands on a copy. You will not be disappointed. The Shadow was the much-needed ending to this series – although Marianne did leave room for more books if she wanted, and I wouldn’t mind! It was a highly enjoyable read. If you haven’t read this series and you like time travel, romance, good vs evil, and people with powers, you should start this series ASAP.

You can add it to your Goodreads HERE.

Check out my guest post on Marianne’s self-publishing journey if you haven’t already!


And now for the giveaway:

Marianne has offered two signed copies to two lucky people.


You must be 13 years and over to enter.

Australian residents only.

Willing to give me your address to pass on to Marianne.

Starts May 4th and ends May 11th 2018.

Good luck!

Just click this link to enter.





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